Adoption & Change Management

Engage and empower your people to make a difference

It’s easy to assume that change is straightforward, but with change initiatives reporting failure rates as high as 80% we need to do something to change that. As technology continues to develop at an increasingly rapid pace, we need to ensure our people are ready, willing and able to adapt to these changes.

At Kambium we know how to bring people along the journey of change. Our consultants combine their expertise in technology with proven change management methodologies to achieve successful digital transformation.



We work with clients to develop a comprehensive Change Management Plan. We then lead the Change programme with a range of services including:


  • Development of a Change Management Plan
  • Leading the Change programme
  • Development and implementation of a Communication Plan
  • Development of a Resistance Management Plan
  • Development and implementation of the Training Plan
  • Face to face communication with senior leaders and staff
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to business as usual

High Level Change Activites


Our Change Management services include:


  • Change Ability Assessment
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Stakeholder Impact Assessment
  • Provision of a dedicated experienced Change Manager to lead and implement the change programme.
  • Development of a Change Management Strategy
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Resistance Management Strategy
  • Communications delivery – presentations, written communications
  • Completing everything required to successfully transition staff to new technology.